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The screens are conducted by fully qualified practitioners who are qualified to conduct NHS Health Checks and are assessed by our highly experienced Head of Occupational Health.

All practitioners have the following qualifications as a minimum:

  • A Royal College of Nursing Accredited Qualification
  • Royal Society of Public Health: NHS Health Check MOT Certificate
  • Pharmacy Association: NHS Health Check MOT Certificate
In addition, all our practitioners are encouraged to develop their knowledge by taking further qualifications in subjects such as nutrition and resilience.

A single day of screening takes around 4-6 weeks from initial conversation with the client organiser to delivery of the health screening. A longer programme of 5 days or more of screening will probably take 6-8 weeks. We will work with the employer to arrange the most suitable times in line with their working practices.

The minimum value we need to achieve a day of on-site health screening is £600 and this can be made up of any combination of health screening assessments.

It depends on the type of screening carried out, but on average we can carry out the following number of screens per day:

  • Core Screening: 18
  • Advanced Screening Level 1: 12
  • Advanced Screening Level 2: 7
  • Advanced Screening Level 3 and 4: 6
  • Premium Screening: 4

We cover the whole of the UK and Northern Ireland and we can also screen in the Republic of Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man and Isle of Wight if required.

The health screens can also be conducted in a small room with a table and two chairs, normally supplied by the client and usually within the workplace. It is possible for us to organise a venue (i.e. hotel or clinic), the cost of which would be covered by the client. Some participants can be screened in their own home (this could be a Director and their spouse). Wherever the location our practitioners will turn it into a sterile screening clinic.

Our traditional statement has been "the better the room, the better the experience for your employee". However, even if the meeting room is glass walled, it can be covered up to make it sufficiently private.

The health screens use the very latest point of care machinery which means that only shoes, socks and tights need to be removed (the machinery will not be able to produce a body profile result without bare feet). The ECG machine is only the size of a mobile phone, so can be held under a shirt or blouse by the participant.

The NHS quotes POC blood testing machinery to be within 10% of the accuracy of full blood tests. Our own research shows that our equipment is within 5% of the accuracy. However, there are many variables such as fasting and medication that can make a difference.

The 10% of accuracy is based on a 4 hour fast with POC machinery whereas you should fast for around 12 hours with full blood tests. The problem with such a long fast is that it negatively impacts the results such as blood pressure and ECG' and one of the benefits of POC machinery is that we find more people are prepared to have a finger prick test rather than a needle in the arm to obtain blood.

Our screenings take between 10 minutes for a core health check and up to 90 minutes for a premium health screen.

With Core and Levels 1 and 2 on the advanced health screen all results are immediate. With Levels 3 and 4 of the advance and premium health screens, 90% of the results are provided during the assessment itself. The laboratory test results such as bowel and osteoporosis are not, they are posted to the participant separately. This is important because it means that the practitioner can offer advice that is specific to the individual and discuss the issues with the individual at the time of the appointment.

With full blood tests, you will have to wait several working days for the results and it is most likely that they will be posted or emailed to the participant.

Although the participant is advised of their results during their appointment, they will also receive a full report with advice on any action to take. If it is recommended that they visit their GP, they will receive a follow-up telephone call from the head office practitioner team, along with an email containing specific guidance to print off and hand to their GP.

We provide email support for participants should they have any questions or issues. Participants can email at any time and one of our practitioners will respond within 3 working days.

We are big supporters of the NHS and work closely with NHS GP's. The NHS has set up a Health MOT programme for people over the age of 40 the but this programme will not cover many of the tests we include. Generally, your GP surgery should recommend that you have a Health MOT and offer you an appointment, but you can also request an MOT appointment with your GP if you are over the age of 40.

The benefits of having a health screen with Health Shield rather than booking a GP appointment is that members can arrange an appointment at a convenient time for them, as well as having a more detailed health check and a longer time slot to discuss results and the options available.

Health Shield has an online booking service that describes everything about the programme and allows the client to email its employees to manage the booking, appointment and administration process.

The HR team will need to book the room where they would like the health screens to take place and send out the advertising to their employees making them aware of Health Shield.

Health Screenings are not subject to VAT or IPT when sold as a standalone product.

If the client requests it in advance, we can produce a company level insights report. Please note MI can only be provided when a minimum of 25 health screenings have taken place due to data protection and employees’ right to remain anonymous.